From Sorrows To Sapphires
Angela K Williams
Angela Williams is truly "Breaking the Silence" in this courageous account of her incredible journey to freedom from the shame of childhood sexual abuse. The raw honesty of her incredible life story provides a platform for healing and a voice for those who have been silenced within the stronghold of "Unspeakable." The tender compassion and forgiveness found within these pages will leave you inspired and encouraged; a story that allows the reader to literally walk "hand in hand" with the author as she reveals... the father's heart.
Pathway To Healing
Carolyn Forche' and Angela Williams
Find deliverance from pain of past child sexual abuse in “Pathways To Healing,” an interactive workbook that helps survivors of child sexual abuse process the trauma and aftermath of the abuse and begin a path to healing.
True Intimacy
Brinda Carey and Angela Williams
True Intimacy reveals the struggles of an adult survivor of child sexual abuse and gives valuable tools in dealing with intimate relationships. The book explores the issues of intimacy with God, others and intimate partners and offers encouragement to trust, communicate and express true emotions.
Shattering the Shame
Theresa Harvard Johnson and Angela Williams
Shame is the most overpowering emotion survivors of child sexual abuse suffer. Learn how debilitating this emotion is and how to overcome shame in your life from the trauma of child sexual abuse.
Courage To Speak
Theresa Harvard Johnson and Angela Williams
Courage To Speak is a addresses the systemic and social failures of the United States to deal with the issue of child sexual abuse in a courageous, intentional, proactive organized movement. Courage To Speak educates on six barriers to reform to help eradicate child sexual abuse.
Tough Talk To Tender Hearts
Angela Williams
Learn how to talk to children about sex and the risk of sexual abuse by layering age appropriate conversations throughout a child’s life to reduce the risk of sexual abuse and give them healthy personal boundaries and personal power.
The Grooming Mystery
Dr. Scott Friedman, Nancy Grabe, MSW & Angela Williams
The Grooming Mystery educates on the behaviors, motives and manipulative actions of a sex offender. This educational book provides a greater understanding of the grooming process and how adults are also groomed simultaneously.
Single Parent Solutions
Nancy Grabe, MSW & Angela Williams
Single Parenting Solutions addresses the issue that the most vulnerable population of sexually abused children are from single parent homes. Specific vulnerabilities are exposed and this book empowers not only the parent, but our community to a greater level of vigilance in helping to protect this population of children.

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